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any message, anywhere, instantly.

Instantly correct all your grammar mistakes with a single tap, without the need for tedious word-by-word oversight. Revolutionize your writing experience with our unique one-tap solution that stands apart from any other AI writing assistant software.


to emails instantly.

Instantly draft a perfectly written reply to any email or message with one tap. Convey your thoughts precisely and effectively, without the hassle of drafting and redrafting your response. Our AI writing assistant app does all the heavy lifting for you, instantly.


perfect text, effortlessly.

Create any form of text, from casual messages to professional emails, at the touch of a button. Embrace the power of expressing your thoughts through writing, effortlessly.


your text in real-time.

Fine-tune your text to reflect your unique writing style and voice. Enjoy using our innovative real-time editing filters to adjust your text's formality, friendliness, length, and more.


in 40+ languages.

Personalize the language settings to best suit your fluency needs. Enjoy using ParagraphAI in over 40+ languages by simply adjusting the input and output settings.

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The perfect sidekick for your everyday communication.

If English is your second language or if you struggle with dyslexia, you have found the only AI writing assistant you'll ever need. Even if English is your forte, users say ParagraphAI is the AI writer and editor "to write 10x better and faster." Our AI writing assistant software can instantly write every email, reply to any message, and show you new ways to express yourself better. You're just a few clicks away from perfect professional communication.

Effortless editing.

Our innovative real-time AI editing filters allow you to effortlessly customize your text's formality, friendliness, length, and more, so that it perfectly reflects your unique writing style and voice.

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Perfect text, everywhere.

Craft text with perfect spelling, grammar, tone and structure. The best part? You can access it everywhere. Our world-class AI writing app, chrome extension, and AI keyboard ensure ParagraphAI is with you in every workspace.

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Your privacy is our priority.

We guarantee your privacy and the protection of your data. We do not sell, use, or share your data for advertising purposes. We only work with models that have a zero data retention policy, ensuring your inputs are not used for training. Our AI writing software meets or exceed all data privacy and security best practices.

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Our users love us. Here's what they have to say:

Barbara Ross
Small business owner

Love love love... I'm not a natural writer and this AI writing assistant helps me formulate my thoughts and ideas for my business and personal needs.

Paula Hernandez
Marketing coordinator

Not only has it helped me improve the professionalism of my emails and writing practice, but it has also reduced my anxiety around understanding a received message’s tone of voice.

Linda Cooper
Military soldier

It's a fantastic AI writing app. It's a game changer. And especially for somebody with dyslexia, it's made my life easier.

Daniel Gray
Bilingual educator

ParagraphAl is amazing! It has completely transformed the way I write. The app is so easy to use and the suggestions the writing assistant software provides are spot on.

Matthew Crux
Customer service rep.

I rely on it for everything! From instantly responding to emails with the tap of one button to improving the professionalism of my writing. This AI writing assistant app has truly been a game changer.

Yuna Zhang
Teacher assistant

I love ParagraphAl so much! English is my second language and I have terrible English vocabulary. This AI writing app helps improve my communication and everyday writing.

The reviews are real, with 4.7/5⭐ (9k ratings) in the app store. Users names and likenesses are generated for privacy.

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