ESL case study

ParagraphAI enhances English learning for ESL students through AI-driven writing assistance, offering tools for improving grammar, style, and communication confidence.

ESL English learners use ParagraphAI to improve their writing.

English as a second language, or ESL, is a program designed to help those, whose primary language is not English, learn English as an additional language with coursework framed around improving English speaking, reading, listening, and writing skills.

The importance of learning English and how ParagraphAI’s AI writing tool can help.

English is the most-spoken language in the world, with over 753,000,000 individuals being non-native English speakers. Learning English is almost vital because knowing English means that one can communicate with the entire world.

A majority of international businesses operate in English. Subsequently, those who understand English are able to enjoy greater business and career advancement opportunities. This is also true of international universities. Knowing English allows young students to explore educational pursuits anywhere in the world.

There are also more personal reasons to learn English, such as being able to communicate with a wider audience, including being able to talk to English speaking relatives, enjoying the large library of English online content, or being able to comfortably travel to and navigate an English speaking country.

Whatever the reason may be, English is a catalyst to new opportunities and absolutely worth pursuing as the language continues to grow globally.

ParagraphAI (your go-to English AI writer) uses a complex artificial intelligence-based text generator software, known as GPT-3, to produce human-like content of any length and tone. For English speakers of any degree, an AI writing app like ParagraphAI is absolutely a must. This is because it revolves around providing clear, concise English communication. Think of ParagraphAI as a spellcheck-like tool: a kind mentor that helps boost the efficacy of written communication.

With the assistance of our free English AI writer tool ParagraphAI, ESL English learners are able to quickly assess their writing and see where they can make improvements in order to increase their proficiency in English.

Here's how ParagraphAI can benefit ESL English learners.

AI-driven writing assistants are a fantastic tool for ESL English students of any age. This is because English AI writers can provide a few different, but all equally important, solutions. Here are a few ways our free AI writing solution, ParagraphAI, helps the ESL community:

1. Exposure learning.

Immersion is a popular way to learn any language, but reading the same, basic sentences over and over again is obviously not ideal. English AI writers instantly produce high quality content of any length, topic, or tone. ESL English learners can get a gist of the composition of a reply email, which words are more assertive and which ones are friendlier, and get a general idea of sentence and paragraph structures, all 100% free through ParagraphAI.

2. Being part of the conversation - without insecurities.

ESL English learners can also use ParagraphAI to create accurately and appropriately written content. They can comment on social media posts, write emails faster, compose essays, and do what any native English speaker can do: create with confidence.English AI writers create content that is already written without any grammar or spelling errors, but ParagraphAI takes inflection into account. ESL learners can offer a specific prompt and customize the tone of the piece for flawless written content that encourages them to be part of the English speaking world.

ESL English learners can benefit from paragraphAI: here’s how.

ParagraphAI has a robust suite of completely free tools ESL learners can use to get ahead in the workplace, the classroom, or just for fun. However, not too many AI writers house as many tools as ParagraphAI. There are individual content creation solutions, text and email reply AI writers, and separate grammar checking software, but the ParagraphAI team felt a proper English AI writer should be able to tackle all the problems surrounding English communication.

Here are a few staple ParagraphAI features that ESL learners can use in conjunction with an ESL program to ensure confident communication.

1. Diverse content writing.

ESL learners can use ParagraphAI to create stellar paragraphs for essays or draft the perfect resume. This feature is perfect for ESL learners who know what they want to write, but they are not quite sure how. ParagraphAI offers quick and effective written ideation to inspire those who may know English very well or offer flawlessly written content for those still starting out.

2. Instant replies.

Need to reply to a message in English? Users paste any message they receive into ParagraphAI’s “Reply” tool, signify the desired tone of their desired reply, and ParagraphAI will instantly create a customized response that matches the user’s inflection. This is definitely perfect for any instant online communication through social media direct messaging, WhatsApp texting, or even replying to emails from a recruiter.

3. Improving existing text.

If the content already exists and the user only needs an extra pair of eyes to look it over for grammar, spelling, or tonal mistakes, ParagraphAI is here to help! Through the “Improve” tab, users can ensure their written work has the correct grammar and tone and even receive an analysis of the current tone of a written piece. This is extremely advantageous for ESL students that often worry about coming off the wrong way or are concerned about English’s complex grammar rules.

Success stories:

In fact, thousands of ParagraphAI users come from nations where English is not the region’s primary language. These ESL ParagraphAI users range from emerging professionals striving to expand their career opportunities to students looking to explore English speaking cultures through travel or even higher education.

It is a great pleasure to be able to share the following testimonials from a few ESL ParagraphAI users:

"A must for any professional with a lot of writing to do! accurate and easy to read outcomes, fantastic multi-language support!  The extension is easy to navigate and use. I use it everyday!"
-Eyas K, Senior Product Manager at Jellysmack
“I love ParagraphAI! It's a fantastic tool for improving your writing. It's helped me to improve my grammar and to make my writing more concise. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their writing skills.”
-Adrian P, Student at the University of Vienna
"ParagraphAI is the best AI-powered writing assistant available on the Google Chrome store! It makes writing a breeze, whether you're composing an email, drafting a report, or working on a novel. ParagraphAI is incredibly user-friendly, and it's also very affordable. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their writing skills!"
-Illayda B, Administrator at School Board

It is always encouraging to hear positive feedback from ParagraphAI users, but it is a rare opportunity as an AI writing software to provide such a positive impact on non-native English speakers.

ParagraphAI is extremely proud to support all English as a second language learners at each stage of their ESL journeys. Learning a new language, especially English, is a challenging but rewarding experience. ParagraphAI can expand upon provided prompts, expose ESL learners to tone and inflection, and improve current writing samples to ensure ESL learners feel confident in their ability to write in English.

Although they can enjoy one of the best AI tools for content writing for free, there is a daily limit to the amount of content users can create. With a focus on accessibility, ParagraphAI offers affordable plans for unlimited content creation. In other words, there is no limit to how many rewrites, created content, or instant replies users can enjoy through ParagraphAI.

ESL learners will be glad to see that ParagraphAI offers an extremely affordable plan for students. For only $10/month, students can enjoy having unlimited access to ParagraphAI’s writing assistant sidekick.