Our mission is to ethically and productively make AI accessible to everyone. Check out our commitment to AI for all below.

Great paragraphs make great stories.

We put our values above profit. Doing the right thing is the most important thing. ParagraphAI is a free AI writing tool and always will be a free AI writer.

People first.

If its not good for someone, it's bad for everyone. As we pioneer this new form of technology, we’re putting ethics front and center. A responsible company starts from within and our team is dedicated to inspiring positive change.


We stay at the forefront of both the application and usage of artificial intelligence technology. The improvement of our writing tool is continuous.

All for all.

Accessibility and an easy end-user experience is top of mind when making decisions. Our writing extension has been graphically designed with visually impaired users in mind and needs no additional software. You can access it anywhere on Chrome.

Boost creativity.

AI can do everything but replace your individuality. We’re here to spark imagination and amplify your unique ideas - not take their place.

Data safety.

We meet or exceed all PCI DSS standards among many other data safety standards. Our company takes data safety seriously, so we have implemented multiple layers of security to protect our data from unauthorized access. We are absolutely committed to ensuring that all data is safe and secure.We take pride in our entirely-secure platform.

We founded this platform on the principle that AI technology can improve people's lives when used in ethical and productive affairs. We take misuse of our platform very seriously, and users who take advantage of it in unethical, manipulative, or harmful ways will have their access removed.

Thank you for understanding.