ParagraphAI alternatives for text-generation

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  • Wordtune contextually translates between 7 languages – providing a solution for non-native English speakers! Non-native English speakers can write a word or phrase in their native language and Wordtune will automatically find a phrase in the other language that best fits the original context.
  • The rewriting tools include several different tone options in order to craft grammatically and appropriate sentences. You can choose to make a sentence more casual, more formal, or you can even ask how Wordtune would completely rework that sentence.
  • Wordtune helps lengthen or shorten sentences without diminishing the original meaning of the sentence. If you need to hit a specific word count, Wordtune can certainly help!


  • Users need internet connection for Wordtune to work, there is no current offline functionality as of yet. If you wanted to edit a paper while on an airplane, this would not be the tool to use.
  • Suggestions may be out of context. Nobody’s perfect, not even an AI writer, but Wordtune may make suggestions that completely alter the meaning of the written text, rendering it ineffective or inappropriate.
  • The free plan is extremely limited and offers only 10 rewrites of individual sentences each day.

Our Competitive Advantage

Unlike WordTune, ParagraphAI is much more flexible when it comes to the length of content. ParagraphAI also offers over 30 languages and nearly endless English as a second language AI writing tones and options. ParagraphAI can create original content of any form and analyze more than just one sentence at a time.