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Boosting productivity for sales professionals, this AI tool enables the rapid creation of engaging customer communications, improving efficiency in deal closures with enhanced writing assistance.

Harness the power of AI to Streamline Your Sales Communication

Sales professionals are expected to do it all: close deals to meet sales targets, build and maintain relationships, communicate with customers, and create content relevant to prospect communications and sales reporting.

With so much to accomplish, it is inevitable that a sales professional will find difficulty doing each task efficiently. This could jeopardize performance, customer communication, and salary.

To combat being pulled in too many directions, sales professionals are turning to AI writers to create customer-facing content for them.

AI writers have the ability to quickly generate content that is tailored to the needs of the customer, allowing sales professionals to focus more on their sales strategies. AI writers can also provide insights into customer behavior and preferences, allowing sales professionals to better target their messaging and create more personalized content. Additionally, AI writers can help sales professionals save time and money by automating the content creation process, allowing them to focus on more important tasks. Ultimately, AI writers can help sales professionals create more effective content and maximize their sales efforts.

What is an AI Writer?

Artificial intelligence (AI) writers have been rapidly securing their place as a content marketer’s best friend. However, their power is shown to exponentially increase customer engagement throughout each part of the sales process with its increased efficiency, improved accuracy, and timeliness no other tool on the market can provide.

An AI writer is a type of artificial intelligence technology that is used to generate high quality written content. This technology uses natural language processing to generate text that is similar to the writing of a human author. AI writers are able to take in data, analyze it, and then produce written content that is tailored to each user’s needs.

For a sales team, AI writers can be used to generate reports, articles, emails, and other types of sales-related communications. Because they are able to produce high-quality content quickly and efficiently, sales teams can greatly benefit from using AI writers.

Good Sales Writing Goes Wherever You Go – Meet ParagraphAI

ParagraphAI is a leading provider of GPT-3 powered writing solutions and is listed as one of the best content creation tools on the market. ParagraphAI uses natural language processing and machine learning technologies to generate content from scratch, without the need for manual writing or editing.

This means sales professionals can instantly create original content like sales emails, presentations, pitch scripts, and much more.

ParagraphAI also analyzes content like emails, messages, and DMs then produces customized replies to those messages. Its message replying capabilities help thousands of sales professionals, fledglings and veterans like, communicate confidently with prospects and leads.

Lastly, ParagraphAI can also analyze existing content, like a sales deck, then provide suggested edits for proper grammar usage and cohesive tone.

ParagraphAI is a leading AI writer for a reason. It not only produces and edits high quality content, it is also extremely accessible. Available as a Chrome Extension and application for iOS and Android, ParagraphAI is one of the most versatile AI writing tools available.

In February 2023, ParagraphAI released the world’s first GPT-3 powered keyboard. The keyboard is integrated into the iOS system keyboard, allowing users to create, reply to, and improve content from anywhere from any mobile device.

No need to be tied down to a laptop to communicate confidently with leads – now good sales writing goes where you go!

Here are a few benefits of using ParagraphAI throughout the sales process:
  • Increased communication efficiency
  • Increased customer engagement
  • Close deals faster
  • Improved grammar and message accuracy
  • Ensured professionalism

As previously mentioned, ParagraphAI can expedite the writing and communications process for every sales professional. Let’s explore a few examples that confirm ParagraphAI’s crucial role on the sales team.

Using ParagraphAI to Write a Sales Email

Sales professionals use emails frequently due to the speed, efficiency, and association with professionalism. Email is an obvious necessity for any sales professional – whether they are communicating with one individual or sending a mass email to thousands.

However, writing a sales email requires careful consideration of the message the sales professional wants to convey. Sales emails need to be creative and persuasive while simultaneously providing enough information to convince potential customers to learn more or even make a purchase.

Crafting a sales email requires a lot of thought and effort. Even after hours of brainstorming, writing, and sending, small details like the tone of the message can make or break the success of the sales email. Despite its efficacy, writing a sales email is a very difficult task.

When creating ParagraphAI, its developers took a keen interest in developing a product that not only produces a good copy, but a copy that can be customized in any tone for any purpose.

ParagraphAI offers a dedicated section to email writing.

Here is how to write a sales email through ParagraphAI.
  1. Using the Chrome Extension, application, or keyboard, enter the “Write” section. (Note: you will need to specify that you are writing an email in your prompt, as there is no dedicated email to work within on the keyboard.)
  2. Select the “Email” section in the app or Chrome Extension.
  3. Then, enter a prompt into the text box.
  4. To customize the tone to suit your needs, use the tone sliders below. This is optional, but a great way to ensure the created copy matches your brand’s unique character.
  5. Click “Write.” ParagraphAI will get to writing a subject line, email content, and a proper signoff.
  6. Now you are good to go! You can copy and paste the draft into your email platform. If you would like, you can also edit the email to include any additional information, like your phone number or extra product details.

Here is what ParagraphAI created using the following prompt and tone indications:

Using this information, ParagraphAI created the following sales email:

Dear [Name],

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to you today to let you know about the social media marketing services I provide.

My services include creating and managing social media campaigns, creating content, and developing strategies to help you reach your target audience. I have extensive experience in the field, and I am confident that I can help you get the most out of your social media presence.

I am sure you are already aware of the power of social media, and I would love to discuss how I can help you make the most of it. Please feel free to reach out if you would like to discuss my services further. I look forward to hearing from you.

Written with ParagraphAI.

Why use ParagraphAI for sales emails:

  • Write any kind of sales email, from cold outreach to one-on-one communication, in seconds.
  • When you create email content faster, you can spend more time fostering client relationships and connect with more people.
  • Spend less time thinking about how to write a sales email.
  • Flawless grammar and spelling, the pinnacles of professionalism, are guaranteed.
Instantly Write a Sales Proposal

Sometimes sales teams need to spend time developing materials, which can often get in the way of the vital, measurable aspects of the occupation such as connecting with clients and closing sales.

Writing materials like a sales proposal are a necessary evil, but through ParagraphAI, they can be created quickly and accurately so sales professionals can focus more on connecting and less on drafting, writing, and editing.

There are two ways to write a sales proposal through ParagraphAI. We will explore how to write an entire sales proposal draft and how to create individual paragraphs for one.

To create an entire sales proposal:
  1. Open ParagraphAI on your desired device.
  1. Go into the “Article” section under “Write.” Don’t be fooled by the name – the article section will be your hub for longform content like a sales proposal.
  1. Type in your prompt – we’ll go over an example below.
  1. Use the tone sliders to customize the language of the sales proposal.
  1. Click the “Write” button and ParagraphAi will provide you with a fully written sales proposal in seconds!

Here is an example. Let’s start with this prompt and tone indications:

Now, let’s see what ParagraphAI creates:

With our services, we are confident that you will be able to reach your fitness goals in no time. Our team of experienced fitness professionals are here to provide you with the best possible coaching experience.

We offer a wide range of services, from one-on-one coaching sessions to group classes and online programs. Our coaches are highly trained and certified in the latest fitness techniques, so you can be sure that you are getting the best advice and guidance possible. We also have a variety of tools and resources available to help you stay on track and reach your goals.

Our team is confident that our services will help you reach your fitness goals in a timely and efficient manner. We look forward to helping you achieve success and would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Thank you for considering our virtual fitness coaching company and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Written with ParagraphAI.

Writing a complete sales proposal in one go is a fantastic way to save time on creating sales materials and ensuring it is of the highest quality.

Another way to create a sales proposal is through ParagraphAI’s paragraph writer. This is ideal for updating any existing sales proposals with paragraphs of updated information or if you would prefer to piece together your sales proposal one paragraph at a time.

To create a paragraph for a sales proposal:

  1. Open ParagraphAI.
  1. Under “Write,” select the “Paragraph” section.
  1. Enter your prompt. We suggest indicating that this paragraph is for a sales proposal so the AI can include more persuasive language.
  1. Customize the copy’s tone to match your company’s language or any current materials.
  1. Click “Write” when you are ready to receive your customized sales proposal paragraph!

Here is what that process looks like:

And here is the content ParagraphAI created using this prompt:

It is with great enthusiasm that I introduce my virtual fitness coaching company. With a wealth of experience in the fitness industry, I am confident that my services can help you reach your fitness goals. My team of certified coaches are passionate about helping others achieve their best selves and are dedicated to providing personalized coaching to help you reach your desired results. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality of service and support. I look forward to helping you achieve your fitness goals.

Written with ParagraphAI.

Benefits of writing sales proposals with ParagraphAI:

  • Draft and write materials 10x faster.
  • Eliminate the editing process – all content is good to go and plagiarism free!
  • Focus more on the responsibilities you care about: fostering relationships, connecting with prospects, and closing sales.
Ease Your Concerns: Enhance Client Communication with Confidence

ParagraphAI is not just a content powerhouse, but can also expedite the communication process. Whether communicating with prospects and leads through text message, social media DMs, or emails, ParagraphAI has you covered.

As previously mentioned, ParagraphAI can analyze messages and offer appropriate replies.

Here is how you can start the conversation with ParagraphAI:

  1. Open ParagraphAI and enter the “Write” section. Then go to “Message.”
  1. Enter your prompt.
  1. You can customize the tone of this sales message using the tonal sliders below.
  1. Once ready, click “Write!”

Let’s go over an example:

Using this prompt, here is what ParagraphAI generated:

Hi there! It sounds like you could really benefit from life coaching. I’m so glad you’re considering it. I’d love to hop on a call with you to discuss how I can help you reach your goals. Would that work for you?

Written with ParagraphAI.

Here’s how you can get instant replies to customer inquiries:
  1. Open ParagraphAI on your preferred device. The keyboard is perfect for doing this from any mobile application while on the go!
  1. Enter the “Reply” section. This section is for the original message. You can offer additional context using the textbox that pops up once the original message is pasted into ParagraphAI.
  1. Use the tone sliders to customize the tone to match your intentions.
  1. Click “Reply” and be amazed!

The ParagraphAI keyboard can help you complete this process on the go. Now, you don’t have to be tied down to your computer to communicate with leads! The process remains the same, but can be completed within any mobile application like Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn!

Here is an example:

ParagraphAI analyzed the original message, took the additional context into account, and integrated the tone suggested to create this reply:

Thank you for your response. I understand that you are not looking to rework your website at this time, however, I would still like to offer my copywriting services to help improve your website’s visibility. Would you be open to discussing this further?

Written with ParagraphAI.

Why you should use ParagraphAI when communicating with leads:

  • Communicate with confidence, even if you’re texting a lead through Instagram on your phone
  • Focus more on what you want to say instead of how to say it
  • Reply to leads faster. Sales is all about timing!
  • Know your messages have no embarrassing autocorrect, spelling, or grammar errors
Improve Existing Sales Materials in Seconds

ParagraphAI is a fantastic tool for generating well-crafted sales materials, but can also identify any gaps or errors in materials and provide appropriate suggestions for improvement. By using ParagraphAI, you can ensure that all sales materials, new or existing, are professional, persuasive, effective, and cohesive.

How to edit existing sales materials with ParagraphAI:

  1. Open the “Improve” section of ParagraphAI.
  1. Copy and paste existing text into the text box.
  1. Use the tone sliders to indicate a desired tone or to expand or shorten existing materials.
  1. Click “Correct” to receive your edits.

Impact and Results

ParagraphAI provides the ability to quickly generate customer-facing content, such as emails, presentations, and reports. Every piece of content is tailored to each individual use case. This allows sales professionals to focus on building relationships and closing deals, rather than spending time crafting sales content.

By leveraging the power of ParagraphAI, sales professionals can maximize their productivity and increase their success.

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