AI Story Writer

ParagraphAI's AI streamlines creative writing, offering tools for crafting stories, dialogues, and outlines to overcome writer's block, available as an app and browser extension.


Looking to become the next bestselling author? Or perhaps you are trying to figure out how to write a story for your creative writing class. Whatever the reason, ParagraphAI has a robust suite of all the writing tools you need to create an incredible story of any length!

Let's talk about why you need a free AI writer.

How to Write a Story Using ParagraphAI

Whether you are looking to write fiction or nonfiction or an action-adventure or a romantic story, ParagraphAI can help you create quality, customizable content with ease.

ParagraphAI is a free AI writing tool that crafts perfectly curated content for all your writing needs, including long and short form writing. It generates high quality, well-researched, and plagiarism-free content tailored to any topic.

ParagraphAI is available as an app and a browser extension. This flexibility is perfect for times you need to write your story on the go or from your computer!

Writing a story using ParagraphAI saves you time, ensures your writing is consistent and grammatically flawless, and helps you focus more on formulating your ideas instead of drowning in writer's block.

Use Case 1: Create an Outline for Your Story

Every good story stems from an organized outline. Outlines are perfect for organizing your thoughts, mapping out the narrative, and exploring your characters.

Whether your story is two pages or two hundred, you will benefit from creating and using an outline.

ParagraphAI can create outlines instantly through the list feature. You can type a prompt into the text box like "an outline for a story about star-crossed lovers in 1940s Paris." ParagraphAI will offer a detailed breakdown for points you may want to cover in your story, including potential conflicts and resolutions for your characters.

Use Case 2: Writing Descriptive Paragraphs for Your Story

Every writer struggles with writing descriptions. When it comes to writing descriptions, you need to view everyday items poetically and put that feeling into words. Despite its difficulty, descriptive paragraphs are what bring stories to life - descriptions are like painting with words!

To fully immerse your reader into your story, try out ParagraphAI's paragraph feature and enter a prompt. An example prompt may be, "descriptive paragraph about love at first sight at a 1940s beach."

Your favorite AI story writer, ParagraphAI, will create a paragraph full of remarkable, poetic descriptions for sounds, sights, feelings, and more.

Use Case 3: How to Write Dialogue

ParagraphAI can help you balance out descriptions with character interactions, namely through dialogue.

Dialogue is required to make stories with several characters feel more real and helps readers understand other characters and their motives.

Dialogue can also push conflicts forward and encourage resolutions.

You can write out dialogue in a few ways with ParagraphAI as your AI story writer.

  • You can enter a prompt into the paragraph writer for a few lines of dialogue.
  • For longer dialogue scenes, try out the article writer.
  • If you want to get really fancy, try out the "Reply" feature ParagraphAI offers for some ideas on how a character would reply to a particular situation or question.

Every text generator includes tone sliders that you can use to customize the feeling the text conveys. Play around with the tone sliders if you are curious about how to convey different moods through words!

Use Case 4: How to Write a Story Draft

Want to get a full draft for your story instantly, just to get an idea of what it could look like?

Try out ParagraphAI's long form AI writer, the "article" section. Even for longer form content, ParagraphAI remains a free AI writing tool.

Like the sections above, simply enter a prompt into the article writer and ParagraphAI will instantly generate a multi-paragraph, long form story that is expertly written and plagiarism-free!


ParagraphAI is a versatile assistant when it comes to generating any kind of writing, especially for anyone interested in learning how to write a story.

With the right topic in mind, you are guaranteed to write better stories in less time, allowing for more productivity in the creative process.

Best of all, our AI story writer is free to use. So why not try it for your next story? Who knows, it might even be the next best seller!

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