Atomic Edit Update Announcement

ParagraphAI announces a significant update enhancing the main app and iOS app/desktop Chrome Extension's editing features, introducing Atomic Edits for customizable text adjustments and streamlining user experience with improved navigation and feature prioritization.


Atomic Edit Update Announcement

Dear Paragraphians,

I'm writing to tell you about a major update to ParagraphAI, overhauling the main app and supercharging the editing capabilities of the iOS app and desktop Chrome Extension.

We've incorporated feedback from hundreds of users like you and our engineers have been working on this update for months... we hope you like it!

Major Updates:

💫 Atomic Edit: Filter text like you filter photos. In real time, slide the phrasing, formality, friendliness, length, and more with our game-changing Atomic Edits! Fine-tune any text to your preference to instantly make your best impression.

🌟 Instant Fix: Now you can quickly correct your text in the app and Chrome extension, just as you have been able to do with our keyboard.

💡 Write is now Create: The main app navigation has been reorganized to make it easier for you to prompt to generate paragraphs, emails, and other content in the "Create" tab.

Streamlining the Chrome extension:

🔧 Temporary Removal of "Annoying" Toolbar: We've removed the toolbar from the Chrome Extension for now. This is a step towards bringing it back in a more user-friendly version in the near future.

🔍 Deprecation of Analyze Function: We've removed the analyze function to better prioritize the features that our users find most valuable and use frequently.

We believe that these enhancements and changes will make your writing process more efficient, enjoyable, and tailored to your needs.

We value your feedback, please feel free to share your thoughts and experiences with the new update by replying to this email or completing this feedback form.

Write on,

Shail, Kevin and the ParagraphAI Team

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