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Streamlining financial report creation and communication, this platform offers AI-powered writing assistance to financial professionals, enabling efficient generation of reports, emails, and documents with customizable content and professional tone, available as a Chrome Extension and mobile app.

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How AI Writing is Helping Financial Professionals Maximize Efficiency

Financial professionals are expected to produce endless reports and corporate communications  quickly and efficiently. Drafting, writing, and editing such content can often derail financial professionals from the work they actually need to focus on, such as forecasting and analyzing. However, with the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools, financial professionals can now be even more effective in their roles.

AI can automate routine tasks, allowing financial professionals to focus on the essential aspects of their jobs. Additionally, AI can provide insights into customer behavior, helping them to better understand our customers and close more sales. Therefore, for a way to improve productivity and efficiency, suggest considering the use of AI tools in your workflow.

What is an AI Writing Tool?

An AI writing tool is a type of software that uses AI to help users with their writing – from grammar checks to actually generating human-like text. These tools are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to save time and improve the quality of written communication.

AI writers are rapidly becoming a great asset to financial professionals, as these tools allow the seamless creation of high-quality documents, such as reports, presentations, and emails. AI writer tools automatically generate content based on user input, which can help financial professionals focus more on what matters, like forecasting and analyzing, and spend less time drafting, writing, and editing content.

Here to Help – Say Hello to ParagraphAI

A leading provider of GPT-3 powered writing solutions, ParagraphAI is consistently listed as one of the best content creation tools on the market. ParagraphAI uses natural language processing and machine learning technologies to generate personalized content independently, eliminating the need for financial professionals to manually write or edit.

This means financial professionals can instantly create better, more accurate original content like reports, statements, and more in a fraction of the time,

ParagraphAI also analyzes content like emails and messages. It then produces customized replies to those messages. ParagraphAI’s message replying capabilities help thousands of financial professionals communicate confidently with coworkers and clients alike.

Lastly, ParagraphAI can also analyze existing content, like a financial report, then provide suggested edits to ensure perfect grammar usage and a comprehensive tone.

ParagraphAI is a leading AI writer for a reason. It not only produces and edits high quality content, it is also extremely accessible. Available as a Chrome Extension and application for iOS and Android, ParagraphAI is one of the most versatile AI writing tools available.

For on-the-go content creation, ParagraphAI developed the world’s first GPT-3 powered keyboard. The keyboard is integrated into the iOS system keyboard, allowing users to create, reply to, and improve content from anywhere from any mobile device.

No need to be tied down to a laptop to communicate confidently with clients or coworkers – now good writing goes where you go!

Here are a few benefits of using ParagraphAI as a financial professional::

  • Increased client communication efficiency
  • Enhanced financial materials
  • Improved grammar and message accuracy
  • Ensured professionalism

As previously mentioned, ParagraphAI can expedite the writing and communications process for every sales professional. Let’s explore a few examples that confirm ParagraphAI’s crucial role on the sales team.

Instantly Create a Financial Report with ParagraphAI

Financial professionals need to make financial reports in order to provide an accurate and up-to-date picture of the financial health of an organization. These reports are a vital tool for decision-making, providing the information necessary to assess the current financial situation, set goals for the future, and make informed decisions about investments, operations, and other financial matters. Financial reports also provide a record of past performance and can be used to compare the organization’s financial performance with that of other organizations. They are also used to comply with legal and regulatory requirements, such as filing taxes and reporting to regulatory bodies.

Financial reports are a valuable tool for communicating financial information to stakeholders, such as investors and creditors, who rely on them to make decisions about the organization.

Despite being incredibly important to produce, financial reports often disrupt the workflow of financial professionals. WIth so many priorities, it’s far too easy to cut corners in making a well-written report. ParagraphAI helps financial professionals create reports quickly and accurately. This opens up financial professionals so they can focus more on analyzing and less on drafting, writing, and editing.

There are two ways to write a financial report through ParagraphAI. We will explore how to write an entire financial report draft and how to create individual paragraphs for one.

To create an entire financial report:

  1. Open ParagraphAI on your desired device.
  2. Go into the “Article” section under “Write.” The article section will be your go-to for longer content.
  3. Type in a prompt – we’ll go over an example below.
  4. Use the tone sliders to customize the language to be more authoritative or professional.
  5. Click the “Write” button and ParagraphAi will provide you with a fully written financial report that you can further customize.

Let’s explore an example. Let’s start with this prompt and tone indications:

A financial report for a beauty supplier with a high ROIC

Now, let’s see what ParagraphAI creates with this prompt:

It is with great pleasure that we report on the financial performance of ABC Beauty Supplier. The company has achieved an impressive return on invested capital (ROIC) of 20%, which is well above the industry average. This is a testament to the company’s focus on creating value for its shareholders.

ABC Beauty Supplier has achieved this high ROIC through a combination of cost-cutting measures and strategic investments. The company has implemented a cost-cutting program that has enabled it to reduce its operating costs while still maintaining a high level of quality. Additionally, the company has made strategic investments in new product lines and marketing initiatives that have enabled it to increase its market share and expand its customer base.

Overall, ABC Beauty Supplier has demonstrated a clear commitment to creating value for its shareholders. The company’s impressive ROIC is a testament to its ability to effectively manage its resources and capitalize on opportunities to grow. We are confident that the company will continue to achieve strong financial results in the future.

Written with ParagraphAI.

Writing all the basic copy needed for a financial report in one go is a fantastic way to save time on writing and ensuring content is of the highest quality.

Another way to create a financial report is through ParagraphAI’s paragraph writer. This is ideal for if you would prefer to piece together your financial report one paragraph at a time.

To create a paragraph for a financial report:

  1. Open ParagraphAI.
  2. Under “Write,” select the “Paragraph” section.
  3. Enter your prompt. We suggest indicating that this paragraph is for a financial report so the AI can include more persuasive language.
  4. Customize the copy’s tone to ensure professional language.
  5. Click “Write” when you are ready to receive your customized paragraph for your financial report!

Here is an example of a paragraph for a financial report:

A paragraph about why this beauty supplier has a high ROIC for a financial report

And here is the content ParagraphAI generated using this prompt:

This beauty supplier has achieved a high return on invested capital (ROIC) due to its efficient management of resources, effective use of capital investments, and successful implementation of strategic initiatives. The company has been able to maximize its profits while minimizing costs, resulting in a higher ROIC than its competitors. This is an impressive accomplishment and a testament to the company’s commitment to financial success.

Written with ParagraphAI.

Benefits of writing financial reports with ParagraphAI:

  • Draft and write materials 10x faster.
  • ParagraphAI provides a consistent and professional tone to the financial report, ensuring that all stakeholders receive the same message.
  • Eliminate the editing process – all content is good to go and plagiarism free!
  • Enables efficient and accurate financial report writing
  • Reduces the time and effort required to produce a comprehensive report
Email with Confidence – ParagraphAI’s Seamless Emailing Features

Email is an essential tool for financial professionals. It is a quick and efficient way to communicate with colleagues, clients, and other professionals in the industry. Email allows financial professionals to easily share documents, reports, and other important information. It also allows for collaboration on projects and the ability to stay in touch with clients.

Crafting an email, especially a customer-facing one, requires thoughtful consideration of the client and message clarity. Whether a financial professional is sharing good or bad news, the email’s language must remain professional and clear.

ParagraphAI offers a dedicated section to email writing, whether you are emailing internally or externally.

Here is how to write a sales email through ParagraphAI.

  1. Using the Chrome Extension, application, or keyboard, enter the “Write” section. (Note: you will need to specify that you are writing an email in your prompt, as there is no dedicated email to work within on the keyboard.)
  2. Select the “Email” section in the app or Chrome Extension.
  3. Then, enter a prompt into the text box.
  4. To customize the tone to suit your needs, use the tone sliders below. This is optional, but a great way to ensure the created copy matches your brand’s unique character.
  5. Click “Write.” ParagraphAI will get to writing a subject line, email content, and a proper signoff.
  6. Now you are good to go! You can copy and paste the draft into your email platform. If you would like, you can also edit the email to include any additional information, like your phone number or extra product details.

Let’s walk through email copywriting through ParagraphAI together.

An email to a client about they are overdue for an audit

Using this information, ParagraphAI generated the following email:

Subject: Friendly Reminder Overdue for an Audit Review

Dear [Client],

I hope this email finds you well. We value your continued partnership, and as part of our commitment to providing exceptional service, I wanted to take a moment to remind you that your organization is currently overdue for its scheduled audit review.

It is important to keep up with regular audits to ensure that your business is compliant with the latest regulations. As such, we urge you to schedule an audit as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an audit, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you.


[Your Name]

Written with ParagraphAI.

Why use ParagraphAI for emails:

  • Automate the process of drafting emails
  • Spend less time thinking about how to write an email and spend more time focusing on more important tasks
  • Stay organized and on top of their communications with clients
  • Maintain a consistent and professional tone in all emails
  • Flawless grammar and spelling, the pinnacles of professionalism, are guaranteed.
Improve Existing Reports in Seconds

ParagraphAI is a fantastic tool for generating well-crafted copywriting, but can also identify any gaps or errors in existing financial materials, like reports or presentations, and provide appropriate suggestions for improvement.

By using ParagraphAI, you can ensure that all financial materials, new or existing, are professional, clear, and cohesive.

How to edit existing sales materials with ParagraphAI:

  1. Open the “Improve” section of ParagraphAI.
  2. Copy and paste existing text into the text box.
  3. Use the tone sliders to indicate a desired tone or to expand or shorten existing materials.
  4. Click “Correct” to receive your edits.

Here is how ParagraphAI corrected the following prompt:

Text input:

It is with great regret that we must announce the impending closure of our company. Despite our best efforts to remain operational, the current economic climate has caused us to reach a point where we can no longer sustain our business.

Text output:

It is with a heavy heart that we must inform you of the impending closure of our company. Despite our best efforts to remain operational, the current economic climate has made it impossible for us to sustain our business.

We have always strived to provide our customers with quality products and services, but the financial burden of the current situation has proven too great for us to overcome. Our team understands that this news will come as a great disappointment to our customers, employees, and other stakeholders, and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Our team would like to express our sincerest gratitude to all of our customers, employees, and stakeholders for their unwavering support over the years. We are deeply saddened by this outcome and we will do our utmost to ensure a smooth transition as we move forward. We wish everyone the best of luck in their future endeavors.

Written with ParagraphAI.

Impact and Results

ParagraphAI provides the ability to quickly generate content, such as emails, presentations, and reports. Every piece of content is tailored to each individual use case. This allows financial professionals to focus more on auditing, researching, or any other task that should be prioritized over writing copy all day.

By leveraging the power of ParagraphAI, financial professionals can maximize their productivity and increase their success.

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