How to Enhance Your Press Release Strategy Without Spending Like An Enterprise

Discover how enterprises can craft impactful press releases without the hefty costs, leveraging ParagraphAI's free AI writing tool for fast, high-quality content creation that rivals top brands.

How to

It is no secret that press releases are powerful tools for businesses to gain brand recognition and genuine prospects. However, writing effective press releases can be a time-consuming process. This leaves the secret weapon for conversion left on the marketing back burner.

Blogging is a more common medium. It is another effective conversion tool, but is really only one piece of a comprehensive marketing plan. Blogging provides similar benefits to press releases. These include building solid SEO traffic and being a medium for sharing success stories. However, blogs are formatted to feature a biased perspective that can sometimes be off-putting to potential customers.

Many marketers and businesses question having both blogs and press releases in rotation.


They think that blogs and press releases are one and the same.

A press release should be your blog’s logical twin, blogging being more of the heart-focused storyteller. Press releases are more like the brain: logical, factual, and scholarly.

Press releases, unlike blog articles, establish a far greater amount of brand credibility due to its tight knit relationship with online media. Journalists, news platforms, and publications interact with press releases daily. They utilize press releases in various news articles and allow wider audiences to discover your business.

Journalists prefer to recycle press releases in their content because of their factual nature. They are written exclusively in the third person and in a more formal fashion, ideal for serious journalists.

Blog articles take on a less formal marketing strategy, curating opinionated content in the brand's tone and relating its services in a more casual manner.

To establish your brand as a leader in an industry and build an extensive marketing body, you need both heart and brain, or blog and press release, but will you need to carve out extra time to write press releases on top of your other written marketing efforts?

Fortunately, a free AI writing tool like ParagraphAI can help any business create compelling, high quality press releases and blog posts in seconds - no need to prioritize one over the other.

Nearly every brand with an extensive marketing team uses an AI text generator to quickly produce press releases and blog articles so their marketing efforts are visible and effective, upholding a remarkable standard of excellence many small businesses feel they cannot compete with.

A free AI writer tool like ParagraphAI levels out this playing field by generating customizable press releases, blogs, and other content that matches your brand’s voice and tone. Your brand will be able to compete with brands like iHeartMedia and IBM without using inflated enterprise prices.

It’s time to commit to a complete marketing plan, without committing too much of your time.

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