How to Write an Essay

Discover essay writing essentials with our guide, focusing on creating impactful introductions, detailed body paragraphs, and strong conclusions. Leverage our AI tool for tailored, high-quality content that enhances your writing efficiency and accuracy.


Writing an essay can be an extremely daunting task, for new and seasoned writers alike. However, with the help of the right tool, your essays can be the best in the class without taking hours to create.

The tool we have in mind? The industry's leading free AI writer: ParagraphAI!

What is an Essay?

An essay is a type of written composition that expresses a point of view on a particular subject. It is typically written in the form of an argument, with an introduction, body, supporting paragraphs, and a conclusion.

Essays can be written in a variety of styles, such as expository, persuasive, narrative, and descriptive.

Essay writing is very useful for the students creating them. It pushes students to assess different arguments so that they can come up with stronger positions.

Being able to write an essay is an incredibly important skill. When students can analyze a concept, explore different perspectives, and convey their own conclusions, they are not only improving their written communication skills, but they are also improving their critical thinking skills.

What Should be Included in an Essay?

Essays are typically built in the following structure:

  1. The introduction introduces the main idea of the essay and provides any necessary background information.
  2. The body paragraphs provide evidence and analysis to support the main idea of the essay. There are usually five or more paragraphs in an essay.
  3. Finally, the conclusion summarizes the main points of the essay.

How Long Does it Take to Write an Essay?

Depending on the length of an assignment, writing an essay can take some time, especially for new writers.

Oftentimes, teachers and professors will assign essays without taking into account the limited time students of all ages have to commit to big projects. With extracurriculars and other assignments to tackle, it is easy to diminish your essay's quality due to time constraints.

This is why we created ParagraphAI.

ParagraphAI is an AI-powered writing tool that crafts perfectly curated content for all your writing needs, from essays to press releases. ParagraphAI generates high quality, well-researched, and plagiarism-free content tailored to a specific topic.

Writing an essay through ParagraphAI saves you time, ensures your writing is consistent and grammatically flawless, and helps you focus more on formulating your ideas instead of drowning in writer's block.

How to Write an Essay in ParagraphAI

ParagraphAI is a free AI writing tool that is available as an app and a browser extension. This flexibility is perfect for times you need to write on the go or from your computer.

Creating essays in ParagraphAI is extremely easy. Just enter your topic and watch as ParagraphAI takes care of the rest!

Step 1: Create an Outline

Every good essay stems from an organized outline. You may be thinking, "But I thought ParagraphAI would save me time on my essay! Now I have to create an outline on my own?"

Not quite!

ParagraphAI can create outlines instantly through the list feature. You can type a prompt into the text box like "an outline for an essay on baroque musicians." ParagraphAI will offer a robust breakdown for points you may want to cover in your introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.

You can then use these points as prompts in the next few steps below!

Step 2: How to Write an Essay Introduction

Getting started is the hardest part.

Some writers jump right into their essays and write in the order it is read. Others do their body paragraphs first then their introduction and conclusion at the end. However you decide to tackle your essay, we can help.

To create your very own essay introduction, use ParagraphAI's paragraph function. Then, enter a prompt like, "introduction paragraph for an essay on the 2008 Olympics."

ParagraphAI will then generate an introductory paragraph using the context of your prompt!

Step 3: How to Write Body Paragraphs for an Essay

ParagraphAI has an entire feature dedicated to writing informed, high quality paragraphs!

To create a paragraph, type in a prompt into our AI paragraph generator. Good prompts include those you have an outline or prepared through ParagraphAI, but ParagraphAI can write something amazing from even the most basic instructions!

You can also use the tone sliders for more customization to your paragraph's language. However, the neutral setting is perfect for most assignments.

Once your prompt is ready and the tone is set, click "Write." ParagraphAI will offer an expertly crafted paragraph that is completely plagiarism free.

Then you can repeat this step for as many times as you need to construct an informed essay!

Step 4: How to Write a Conclusion Paragraph

Time to wrap things up?

Here are a few ways you can create a conclusion paragraph for an essay.

First up, you can continue to use the paragraph feature. You can include the context of this paragraph being your conclusion in your prompt for some accurate closing language.

Or, if you really want to explore the power of AI writing, try out the "Improve" function of ParagraphAI. There, you can paste in your essay or your outline and ParagraphAI can condense the content for you!


ParagraphAI is a versatile, free AI writing assistant when it comes to generating paragraphs for essays, regardless of your writing level.

With the right topic in mind, you are guaranteed to write better paragraphs in less time, allowing for more productivity in the creative process.

Best of all, ParagraphAI is free to use. So why not try it for your next essay? Instead of worrying about how to write an essay, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how easy and fun the process is!

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