The Top 10 Places The World’s First GPT-3 System Keyboard Can Help You

Introducing the first GPT-powered iOS keyboard, enhancing mobile writing across emails, messaging, social media, and documents with instant content creation and analysis directly from your phone or tablet.


The world’s first GPT-powered system keyboard for iOS is finally here! Thanks to the innovative minds at ParagraphAI, it is already revolutionizing how we communicate on our smartphones and tablets.

ParagraphAI is a leading provider of free AI writing tools. The new keyboard allows free and premium ParagraphAI users to instantly create original written content, analyze and receive appropriate replies, and get instant feedback on writing within all of their favorite mobile applications and websites!

In other words, no need to toggle between writing applications and communication apps! Confident, clear writing is entirely built into your regular phone or tablet keyboard.

So where can you use the new GPT iOS keyboard?

Short answer: anywhere!

Long answer: You can use it anywhere on any app or site, but here are a few of our favorite places that ParagraphAI’s new keyboard enables good writing to go where you go!

Get the GPT-powered iOS keyboard here.

1. Email Apps

Whatever email application you use, ParagraphAI’s free AI writer tool will be right by your side. Or, I should say, in your phone keyboard.

Email apps like Gmail or Apple Mail are the perfect place to witness the power of this revolutionary AI writing keyboard. You can ask ParagraphAI to craft original, personalized email copy without needing to worry about embarrassing and inappropriate autocorrect errors that are just a little too common on mobile devices.
ParagraphAI’s keyboard can also use GPT-3 to analyze messages and craft accurate responses to emails all from within your preferred emailing application.

Now you can write to anyone confidently while on the go…and maybe you can finally abandon that unprofessional “Sent on my iPhone, please pardon any autocorrect mistakes” from your phone’s email signature.

2. Text Messaging

Text messages are a lot more casual than emails, but are rapidly becoming a preferred method for professional settings due to their urgent nature. It’s not too uncommon these days to text your boss or a customer like you would text your best friends.

No matter who you’re texting, at some point, leaving people on read because you can’t think of a reply or inappropriate auto-correct errors frustrates everyone involved in the conversation.

ParagraphAI helps you start conversations with its content creation function and can help you draft contextually-accurate replies all within iMessage, WhatsApp, or whatever messaging app you use to connect.

3. Twitter

Social media managers, news reports, and general Twitter lovers, rejoice! ParagraphAI’s innovative keyboard is not just for communicating back and forth, but can also be used to create cunning, engaging tweets!

Creating Twitter content through ParagraphAI’s keyboard can be done the way tweeting should be, from your phone! No need to chain your Twitter team to their computers - clever Tweets can be crafted from anywhere!

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4. Instagram

We don’t usually consider Instagram a written-content haven, but like any social media platform, good copy and hashtagging goes a long way.

You can use the keyboard within Instagram itself, creating fun post captions or informed comment replies.

5. Facebook

Whether you use Facebook for personal reasons or to market a business, the keyboard works within the Facebook app so you can create posts, comments, and replies from your phone without getting busted for typos!

6. Sliding into DMs

Social media posting and commenting is great, but only a small piece of what marks social media social.

Whether you are DMing a future customer or your social media crush, ParagraphAI’s keyboard can help you feel confident communicating from inside your favorite social media platforms. No typos, no awkward replies, and no leaving people on read. They keyboard was made so you can feel 100% communicating from your mobile device.

So go ahead, DM away - we got your back!

7. Google Docs

Weren’t expecting that, huh?

Because it is integrated into your system keyboard, ParagraphAI can help you write long form content like essays, articles, and resumes from your phone or tablet.

Another benefit to the ParagraphAI keyboard is its editing feature. The “Improve” function will analyze existing content and offer suggestions for grammar fixes, sentence structure, and keeping a cohesive tone. You won’t only just save time creating content with the ParagraphAI keyboard; you can also expedite your editing process!

If you like to get work done on the train or need to make a last minute edit, don’t lug around your laptop. Take care of it with ease with the ParagraphAI in-app AI writing keyboard.

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8. YouTube

From writing YouTube video descriptions to commenting on popular videos, we could all use a little ideation. The keyboard allows you to continue watching your favorite YouTube videos or type directly into YouTube’s text box

9. LinkedIn

ParagraphAI’s keyboard can clearly help create LinkedIn posts and comments, but we can take it a step further.

The keyboard can help you apply for jobs on LinkedIn without having to bounce between applications. Communicate confidently with hiring managers via LinkedIn’s messaging feature or write remarkable cover letters for LinkedIn job postings all from within LinkedIn!

10. Dating Apps

We already covered DMing, but let’s take it a step further.

The ParagraphAI keyboard can help you create the perfect Tinder bio or opening line for messages without needing to exit Tinder at any point.

If you get butterflies in your stomach talking to cute people online, you can keep conversations going using ParagraphAI’s reply tools. Again, no need to leave the app to feel secure in your dating communications!


ParagraphAI’s GPT-powered iOS native keyboard makes it easier to communicate with confidence from anywhere within any application. The GPT iOS keyboard was designed with ease-of-use in mind - eliminating any need to toggle between applications.

You can use the keyboard on any mobile application or website. Although we listed a few above, we encourage you to try it out whenever your system keyboard pops up!

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